People see this group as being very niche. That’s a good thing, as it is the truth. This is how we set ourselves apart. Most other groups can’t break free from the moderate discussion environment. We push past that, going deeper into the exploration of hearts. Here, we want to see you naked!

We are also playing with a lot of different theories. Experimenting and testing is what happens here. Yet another way of how we are different, as a group, from most others. The common Enneagram group plays it safe by playing on what has been ‘settled.’ Very few dare to play and tinker with the system. Not us. We question. And we question ourselves. Not all experiments are successful. But that’s the whole point of em!

“Enneatude” is the Enneagram theory viewed with an attitude. This map of souls with mysterious beginnings doesn’t live up to its name in its current incarnation, and we’re planning on shaking its foundations. We plan on going far beyond what is, in order to get back to what was always meant to be: an undeniable truth of the universe. 

We’re the ones willing to go balls-out and balls-deep!!!!