Tritype 127

Tomorrow Will Be Brighter

Cat Stevens (Yusuf) sp/sx 7w6(6w5)-2w1(3w2)-1w2(9w1)

 “If you had listened to my lyrics you would have heard that I was on a path and I was definitely looking and if I was sincere at all about what I wrote, it meant that if I found something I’d have to grab it. Otherwise I’d be a hypocrite to myself and to others. And that would be a bad example. So I saw an incredible responsibility in some way to make sure that whatever I believed was continuous and that I could stand by it and that’s my story. I’ve stood by it since I’ve become a Muslim…”

Cher so/sp 7w8(6w7)-1w2(9w1)-2w3(3w4) so/sp is Moses carrying the tablets down Mount Sinai. Cher carries the tablets as the ultimate statuesque Las Vegas Diva. Tablets of Gluttony, Pride, and Joy. Gray had typed her as sx/so 7w8 but Sylvia was right; she is too cold for sx/so. She is so/sp. 

The magic of The Sonny and Cher Show was that he was much older and was obviously the mentor, but SHE was the critic and the real ‘teacher’. Also she was the ‘straight man’ of the act.

Gwyneth Paltro sp/so 2w3-7w6-1w2