Tritype 135

Mission Control

Stephen Colbert (The Late Show) so/sp 5w6(6w7)-3w2(2w1)-1w2(2w3)

Noam Chomsky sp/so 5w6(6w7)-1w9(2w1)-3w4(4w5)

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xkcdHatGuy 5w6-3w4-1w9 stacking so/sp–>sp/sx likely, major 4 factor in the wings. 

Quora: Who is xkcdhatguy on Youtube?

Alex Gray so/sx 5w6-3w4-1wX


David Life sx/so 5w6-3w4-1w9 

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Trent Reznor 5w6-1w9-3w4 Sp/Sx Musician, Songwriter and Producer, best known for Nine Inch Nails.