Tritype 136

Getting It Right

Elliot Rodger, The Santa Barbara Shooter, sp/sx 6w5(7w6)-1w9(2w1)-3w4(4w5)

Jordan Peterson 6w5(7w6)-1w9(2w1)-3w4(4w5) sp/so–>so/sx

Jean Luc Picard so/sp–>sp/sx 1w9(2w1)-6w5(7w6)-3w4(4w5) 

Marshall McLuhan “The Medium is the Message”. Canadian academic visionary and ‘father’ of communications studies, who inadvertently ushered in the Sixties counterculture with his theories of the Global Village, the coming New Medievalism (Tribalism) and much much more. Pretty much what you live in he predicted techne-wise. sp/so<–>so/sx (maybe dark social leads?) 6w5-3w4-1w9 subwings to be determined (7w6, 4w5, 2w1?)