Tritype 137

Design for Living


Martha Stewart sp/soc 1w2-3w2-7w6 I guess.

1988 Marth Stewart’s Secrets for Entertaining (4 parts)


The Da Vinci of Insider Baking.

Ben Shapiro sp/sx–>sx/soc 7w6(6w5)-3w4(2w3)-1w2(9w1) or something very close to that.


sp/sx 6/7 line is still most social, 1w2 is still double compliant, 3 is still attached. Shapiro is an sp/sx with a high tech cave and a Very Big Clan. sp/sx 7w6 I’ve noticed will sometimes have this kind of voice because it is like a pot boiling over, unable to either contain within or release the gluttony through the heavy sp/sx wall.

 Shapiro has been mistyped as 6w5(7w6). He is one of the gluttons; he is not attached leading. He is not “engaged” like a 6; he is frustration core. Over there is better than over here. Compare to Jordan Peterson sp/soc 6w5(7w6) with 1w9(2w1) and 3w4(4w5) most likely.

I concur with Ben’s little self-promo blurb on this video from his news publication “The Daily Wire”. I agree with him about almost nothing in bottom line politics beyond that we are both civil libertarians. He being neocon and me being soc dem. But he keeps me sharp and non-dogmatic about my own beliefs. Forces me to defend what I can and throw away what is not defensible. So“… a mind needs the Ben Shapiro Show as a sword needs a whetstone, if it is to keep its edge.” Design for Thinking about Living Politics.

Steve Jobs 731

Ian Anderson sp/sx–>sx/soc 7w8(6w7) -3w4(4w5)-1w2

Ian Anderson, who basically IS “Jethro Tull” chose to become a flute player because there were few of them so he could be the best. 

He chose to make the big faces onstage that make him seem Six-wingish and light (Puckish) so people would have something to watch in the back of the concert halls.

The cover section of the iconic prog album Thick As a Brick shows the design for living. 

Thick as a Brick

Not to mention the castle and the salmon farm.

The original title song from Thick as a Brick live.

2  decades later. still designing for living. Still Big Design.

A Change of Horses
Ian Anderson
Last lights wink out on this pale and sultry night.
Stars signal long past two AM.
I feel the lateness in the hour
and I’m fifty long years from home.
A new dawn glimmers. Time for a change of horses.
It’s time to chart new courses
and head for safer houses.
No more empty towers of this unholy Babylon.
Some four hundred thousand hours have come and gone.
I smell, in the air, a new meadow morning.
Fresh-flowering grasses stirring
and no pressure free-falling.
Thin mists to bring and light airs to call.
And we treasure all, all that we left behind us.
No pointed cold and dark regrets.
No nameless blame to lay.
Resolute, the optimist, I ride fresh horse and spur it on.
Four hundred thousand hours have come and gone.

He became extremely 1ish as he matured.

Leonardo da Vinci sp/soc 7w6(6w5)—>5—>1-3w4(4w5)- 1w9(2w1) or something like that. A 7 at 5/1. Details require further discussion.

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Tallulah Bankhead sx/soc 7w8-3w4-1w2


More Quotations

David Bowie sx/soc fireside (the introverting exhibitionist) 3w4(4w5)-7w8(6w7)-1w9(2w1) . Bowie’s Design for Dying. He very clearly for those paying attention timed the release of Black Star, his opus magnum, for the day after he arranged to be euthanized, and gave us the keys for how to proceed with his legacy. It has in part to do with the raising of the kundalini. Very Big Design. 

Kembra Pfahler (performance artist) fireside sx/soc 1w2-3w4-7w6 


 “She coined the term “availablism” to describe an approach that boils down to local and recycled; yet the look is anything but eco-correct. Her installation—dolls, dildos, and a children’s tea set are among the materials—is a cri de coeur against all things polite, conformist, and safe.”–The New Yorker

Dietrich sx/sp 1w9-3w4-7w8 likely. RH type her as sx 7w8 but I beg to differ. Maximillian Schell’s documentary “Marlene” should settle that but perhaps this will do. 


 Gabriella Winters sp/sx 3w4-1w2-7w8

design of ‘self’









Collage for 137 Tritype, by Gabriella Winters:

Robin: It’s gluttonous head with cutting edge gut and attached image heart. A big doughy feast of mental cake being cut with a precise body knife being served back and forth with the masses–‘masa’ meaning ‘dough’ mass, and the ‘masses’ in Spanish. 😉

Gabriella: That’s exactly it! 😮 It’s what a “grounded” (or ‘earthed’ in electricity) appearance of indulgence + confidence + sensitivity + intricateness + lust looks like on someone’s face. It’s graceful yet passionate.

I wonder if this is the ‘look’ why I used to be told in my early twenties that I look ‘unapproachable’. From the outside, does it seem uninviting because it already appears self-indulgent / self-fulfilling? From an insider POV, I know that ‘our’ look is more inviting than others can tell. It’s like a calm invite, where the invitation has no hard play or hard try, it’s more raw and elementary than that. I’d say it’s definitely a ‘come and get it if you think you can match it, but I’m not fussed either way’ type stance so I guess I can see why it might seem a little intimidating to some even though it’s also an otherwise very calm, smooth and unaggressive glare at the same time… But I’m just rambling out loud here… 🤔