Tritype 147 (triple frustration)

Nostalgic for Utopia

Scarlett O’Hara sx/sp 4w3(3w2)-7w6(8w7)-1w2(9w1)


With sp second most stable instinct and the extreme competitiveness of sx 4 leading way deep in the Three space, an aggressively planning head, and an uncompromising social One last (my way or the highway), Scarlett is a Utopian Nostalgist who will always survive, no matter what. But the rest of her life is always elsewhere, in the wind.

Compare the closing of the film, in the OP, to the section it’s derived from: at the end of part 1 here, where Scarlett has fled from burning Atlanta to ravished Tara. The closing happens after Rhett has walked off into the dream-like mist; to the left of him is silhouetted a tree in full foliage. The foliage is almost perfectly round and some light comes through it but the trunk is barely visible, as though the foliage is just supported by the mist. In the closing, the ravaged leafless tree that was to the right of Scarlett vowing never to go hungry after finding only a rotten turnip in the earth and vomiting is now likewise on the left, and dwarfs both Scarlett and a subtle but bright Tara in the background. This tree is beginning to bear leaves; it is the Tree of Life becoming rooted in Scarlett’s holy idea: E4 Origin.But we really don’t know whether this happens in the future or just in her mind. 





Eartha Kitt sp/sx 7w6(6w5)-4w5(3w4)-1w9(2w1) 

Vanessa Redgrave so/sx 1w2(9w1)-4w3(3w2)-7w6(8w7) Nobody said anything like this in Hollywood in 1978. 

Chrissie Hynde sp/sx 7w6(8w7)-1w2(2w3)-4w3(3w2)

Sylvia Plath sp/sx 4w3(5w4)-1w2(9w1)-7w6(6w5) likely. She was not ALL that withdrawn but she was a glutton for self-punishment.

Anyone who’s against 7 fix for Sivvy should re-read “Ariel”, about her being thrown off a horse. Chthonic glutton/god-speed freak.


Stasis in darkness.
Then the substanceless blue 
Pour of tor and distances.

God’s lioness, 
How one we grow,
Pivot of heels and knees!—The furrow

Splits and passes, sister to 
The brown arc
Of the neck I cannot catch,

Berries cast dark 

Black sweet blood mouthfuls, 
Something else

Hauls me through air—
Thighs, hair;
Flakes from my heels.

Godiva, I unpeel—
Dead hands, dead stringencies.

And now I
Foam to wheat, a glitter of seas. 
The child’s cry

Melts in the wall. 
And I
Am the arrow,

The dew that flies
Suicidal, at one with the drive 
Into the red

Eye, the cauldron of morning.

Sharon Gannon sp/sx–>sx/so 4w3(3w2)-1w2(2w3)-7w6(6w5) belongs right under Sylvia. A different focus for her voluntary pain infliction. 

Morrissey so/sp 4w5(3w4)-7w6(6w5)-1w2(9w1) 

Compiled & Titled by Robin Goldsmith (Roshan).