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If there’s one word I can describe the 593 tritype (in any configuration and from here on, I’ll use 593 as a catch all for the tritype in general) it’s Neptunian. In astrology, Neptune, the ruler of Pisces, is associated with mysticism, spirituality, the occult, collective unconscious, illusions, delusions, fame, glamour, deception, and propaganda. If we are to look at Neptune, we must look at where it is placed in the solar system. The planet is between Uranus and Pluto and the sign that’s ruled by Neptune, Pisces, marks the end point of the astrological cycle, a return to the primordial soup. Uranus, who rules Aquarius, is the planet associated with our collective conscious: our culture, group affiliation, progress, discovery, zeitgeist, and revolutions. As we transition from Uranus to Neptune our collective conscious percolates down to the unconscious where symbols and archetypes formulate and influence how we operate. Our individual boundaries dissipate as we get subsumed by the collective unconscious. As we transition from Neptune to Pluto, the ruler of Scorpio and the planet associated with transformation, death, rebirth, and power, we can see the powerful and transformative power of the collective unconscious once we are willing to take the risk in cleansing ourselves of our ego attachments and delusions.The collective elements of humanity get embedded in our being in ways we can’t consciously process. Being that 5 is the solitary investigator, particularly of more esoteric yet universal systems (this is especially true of the 5w4), and 3 and 9 are attachment types where core, universal human fixations are crystallized, you get a person who’s simultaneously apart from humanity yet is deep within the collective unconscious of humanity (or has the potential to be), hence why this tritype is named “Collecting Unconscious” by Robin Goldsmith.

The other side of the archetypal and spiritual side of Neptune is fame and propaganda, and within those subsets Neptune is associated with glamour, cosmetics, and illusions. One must wonder, how do these two seemingly diametrically opposing sides coexist within one body? Well, what underlies both polarities is the subsuming of the individual ego to a higher power (religion and spirituality) or to the collective (fame). Basically ego dissolution. In regards to fame, the celebrity’s identity is the property of his or hers agent, PR team, and the public. The celebrity has given up privacy for the sake of fame and their craft. With that the public reflexively project their desires and feelings onto these celebrities thus they become a mirror for our culture at large.

Paradoxically, though celebrities have given up a great deal of their privacy and identity to the collective, the public doesn’t necessarily “know” them, at least not their most private fears, secrets, and desires (though those do surface if they’re sensational enough) even though the public might speculate on these things. The 593 is particularly stealthy when it comes to image manipulation especially when 3 is in the lead. A lot of people may have an idea of who the 593 is but in reality the face they show is only a facet of what’s revealed. I don’t think the 593 him-/herself fully understand the depth and multiplicity of the masks they don. The 5’s “information is currency” in conjunction with the 3’s image consciousness creates an awareness of how information can influence how others perceive you. Then when you add the 9ish amorphousness and intuitive feel for how they and other people occupy space, you get someone who can successfully be a chameleon in any situation they’re situated in. They have the ability to detach themselves from their environment while also intuitively knowing what to anticipate from it. Though it could inadvertently create a feeling of amorphousness towards one’s own identity.

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