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Sp/Sx and Power

By February 17, 2019Sarah

I saw this on the enneagram section of a socionics forum:

“Imagine a garden-like place where semi-eroticised psycho-emotional nudity is exchanged … two people in an intimate space, sharing the same apple, transferring saliva and experiencing the cool inside of the fruit together, simultaneously. [This is sexual-second-ness.] …At the same time, in the jungle of neurotic overemphasis, the boundary between you and other ‘animals’ is the imperative need, always on alert. The combined stew of these elements creates a certain style of vigilance and agitation.

The sexual energy, because of its underbelly of polar reactivity, smolders and some portion of it eventually sours in the tightly-sealed container (it’s not given free flow); the bacteria creates a second burgeoning culture that presses at the seams, swelling with a fever. And because social is last, there’s an unintelligence about how it looks from the outside, so ‘the problem’, in contrast to sp/so irritiability, takes on more offbeat forms, which tends to ‘lose people’….without the loss fully registering.”

“Power dynamics is another sp/sx theme, no matter the e-type, and since sex has much to do with power, sexuality is one place where the sp-wall can manifest its ascendancy by blocking various kinds of outside emotional and sexual ‘penetration’. In this case, the sexual awareness brought forth from being sx-second actually leads to avoidance of sx…on one level at least. This latter idea starts to get at the solipsism that’s been associated with sp/sx.”

Source: http://www.the16types.info/…/40499-Instinct-Stackings-Scrap…

I’m assuming these notes were originally made on the now defunct Enneagram Institute board, and I’m going to comment on this specific excerpt. Sex and power have always bee inextricably linked as often there’s a tension between keeping one’s boundaries intact and vulnerably surrendering yourself to the other. In the sp/sx, the sexual (sx) and self-preservation (sp) instincts are in conflict. Sx wants to transmute but the sp wants to keep the self intact. In some notes on sp/sx, I’ve read that sexual instinct of the sp/sx can lead to fetishistic territory. Whether the fetishism is done with an object or it’s towards a person, it creates a barrier between the subject (you) and the object (the fetishistic object). There’s no threat of the subject losing one’s boundaries and power in relation to the object but rather one is acting upon the object, transgressing its boundaries, and infusing one’s sexual imprint onto the object. You’re in control of its image and relation to the object itself. Paradoxically, fetishism denies sexual difference hence why you get feet fetish, fetishizing of pieces of clothing, etc. But the fetishism presented here is not necessarily identifying with and engaging in some socio-sexual silo as we colloquially know it but instead a desire that has the ability and power to connect with, disconnect with, and modify other forms. People with this stacking don’t mind transgressing other people’s boundaries but are more hesitant of others transgressing their own, though they may play with and tease with the idea of having their boundaries crossed. It should also be mentioned that the association with death and sex with sp/sx is deeply interwoven in here. Sp/sx plays with the idea of the obliteration of the self because it DEEPLY fears it but is also is attracted to it. There is a sort of gritty dauntlessness to this stacking where the forces of life and death are front center in high relief.