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I’m a NiTe core 2 which if we go by the lay person’s understanding of 2, this combination would be paradoxical as the peasant understanding of 2 reads like a FeSi (ESFj) stereotype (NiTe’s conflictor). But if we frame 2 as a pride of place rather than some histrionic helper, then this combination is feasible. The helper archetype is just one face of pride of place. I take pride in what I can offer and it’s definitely not through emotional displays or being a martyr. I love being recognized for what I do because it validates who I am and what I can offer. It can be intellectual, psychological, sexual, romantic offerings etc. I instinctively laser in on the gaps and liminal spaces that need to be filled and make a niche for myself as someone who’s the best at filling in those gaps. I make myself indispensable however I can. I’m also very possessive of my role and the people I give my offerings to. I don’t like to share, so if I see someone usurping my niche I become extremely competitive and belligerent. I’ve always fashioned myself as a queen without a queendom, a place from which I was exiled from because I wasn’t worthy enough for the throne. My life has been a fight to earn and reclaim that throne however I can.

– Sarah, 2w1 9w8 5w6 Sp/Sx NiTe

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