The “Truth-Teller” archetype – proposed by the Fauvres for 468 – describes a person obsessing over others’ actions, noticing causes for alarm and ‘blowing the whistle.’  Yet this doesn’t fit 468.

If Four is leading, the world is a stage for the Four to act out their inner drama.  Four hides their shameful feelings and reveals them through hints and evocations, often in art.  The subject may or may not include ‘ringing the alarm bell.’  In the case of a Social 468 like Milo Yiannopoulos, this drama might include politics and whistle-blowing, but the tritype in no way guarantees such an outcome.

If Eight is leading, the person will be expansive and lusty.  There is minimal focus on potential threats, since the Eight takes their expansive power for granted.  When threats do arise, Eights are not duty-bound to share their findings.  After all, it’s a dog eat dog world and people dig their own grave – “better them than me.”  Lust is busy moving forward, chasing, expanding.

Six is the only member of the tritype who characteristically notices potential disasters, but this does not necessarily mean Sixes feel the need to announce any threats they perceive.  A Six’s superego is attuned to their own security; telling the truth would not necessarily put them at an advantage. Beyond that, the 468 tritype, by default, makes the Six counter-phobic.  This means even if Six is leading, the person may be on the offensive, unaware of their own anxiety.

Having a need to tell the truth, as if it’s the ‘right thing to do,’ would imply heavy superego in the interpersonal center (Two) and in the gut center (One).  Ones have talent in scrutinizing what is right and wrong, and deciding when it “must be said.”  Twos take it upon themselves to protect and nurture others and take pride in all the sacrifices they make, which may include being the ‘bringer of bad news.’  Without the presence of One or Two in the tritype, someone would not necessarily feel a righteous need to ‘tell the truth.’

The combination is not, by default, duty-bound and other-focused.  If this tritype wants to fight, they will fight.  Some 468s in politics include Milo Yiannopoulos (Four lead), Che Guevera (Six lead), Steve Bannon (Eight lead).  These men took it upon themselves to fight against a perceived danger and would not be brought down.  There are others – such as Eminem (Six lead), Nina Simone, Vangelis, Johnny Cash (Eight lead), and me (Four lead) – who are more interested in expressing inner truths than sounding alarms.

Better names for this tritype: Boxing With God, The Ring of Fire, Big Boss a Nova.  These names were introduced by Robin Goldsmith (Roshan) and Sylvia Martindale.

I am a 468 – to be specific, 4w3-8w7-6w5 Sx/So – and I don’t experience any particular need to “tell” the truth.  Instead, what is central to me is a powerful sense of purpose.

As a child, I wrote novels and music.  I wanted a music career and by age 13, I had one.  I practiced constantly, built myself up in any way necessary and took on the music industry.  There were constant rejections, trials and toil, but none stopped me: I was determined to live out my passion.

At age 16 I became deathly ill with Lyme Disease, which left me speaking in a whisper forever.  Lyme is a political illness, so I was misdiagnosed, mistreated, and barely survived.  Many people have fought for Lyme recognition, making movies, writing books, hosting seminars. I have written posts warning about misconceptions which saved lives, but I was not interested in a Lyme Warrior career. All my life, I wrote music and novels. This was my path.

In my 20s I moved to the city by myself, led a band and sang lead through my whisper. Surviving the city with a chronic illness was no easy feat, but I spent every second of my life funding and enacting this project until I couldn’t anymore due to inevitable health problems.  Then I set about learning to write so I could get my fantasy novels in shape.   I was a horrible writer but, as usual, nothing would stop me.

These lyrics of mine encapsulate my experience and the core of the 468 tritype:

Tell me the odds
I’ll beat them senseless
Summon the Gods
They’ll be defenseless 

When it comes to ‘telling the truth,’ I am significantly less determined.  Rather, truth finds its way to me because I am polarizing and tend to elicit strong reactions.

I don’t do this on purpose. I don’t feel, “I will expose you for all your flaws!” In fact, I often don’t even see people’s flaws; I’m caught up in the ‘juice’ of the exchange.  I’m not thinking about problems or what might go wrong. The ‘critical eye’ is the realm of Type One, which is not part of my tritype.

People have told me: “Your eyes are truth; it hurts to look at them.” “I feel exposed when you look at me.”  On internet forums, where my eyes are not visible behind a screen, I have a similar effect.  Others react strongly to my honesty, openness, and high-voltage energy; then their colors end up being exposed. I don’t do this with intent. It is the natural result of my psychological nudity.

“Kali’s nudity has a similar meaning. In many instances she is described as garbed in space or sky clad. In her absolute, primordial nakedness she is free from all covering of illusion. She is Nature (Prakriti in Sanskrit), stripped of ‘clothes’. It symbolizes that she is completely beyond name and form, completely beyond the effects of maya (illusion). Her nudity is said to represent totally illumined consciousness, unaffected by maya. Kali is the bright fire of truth, which cannot be hidden by the clothes of ignorance. Such truth simply burns them away.” – Red Zambala

In any 468, there are two lines to 2.  As a 4, I demonstrate ‘who I am’ – which gives others a mirror in which to see themselves.  Due to the 2 in me, I’m inclined to dig deep into people’s psyche to inspire or rescue them without expecting something in return. I don’t tend to scrutinize them and think about whether I’m giving more than I should.  Perhaps for a 2 core or fix, there would be more awareness of emotional currency but, for me, there’s a sense that my soul is infinite and I can fend for myself autonomously.  With the 8, I feel indomitable and can’t imagine myself in a weak position, so I have no need to scrutinize or seek ‘alarms.’

My anxiety tends to come on in a sudden wave. I overshare, overgive, overtake… then suddenly realize something is off and feel spikes coming out of my back.  I start thinking of ways the person could betray me or info they have on me, scrambling for power.

Once I am in control again, I’m wary, though I don’t tend to keep people ‘on trial’ for long.  If the betrayal proves ‘real’ then I cut the person out. I can be cordial, but never tune into them emotionally again. If the person comes around, I forget everything and go right back in, full-hearted.  I don’t like scrutinizing and monitoring myself; I like to be in a flow.  Walking on eggshells bores me – either I’m fully present or I’m gone.

In romance, things are different.  My desire for a man gives him incredible power over me and makes him ‘a threat.’  His love or rejection feels like life or death.

This is when my ‘psychological nudity’ slips away.  I feel tremendous shame about how obsessive I become. I’m embarrassed that someone’s name and existence is “with me” at all times, all places. I can feel his breath breathing inside of me; I can sense his motion as I walk; his rhythm and melody rings in my voice; I merge completely. This is extremely shameful, especially when there’s no committed relationship.  I have to hide it.  The power games begin: who wants who more?  Who is in control???

Before I married my soulmate, art was as necessary as air; it was the only place I could express the obsessions that were choking me.  I kept diaries, took photos to mirror my feelings, wrote novels, and composed songs; in my art, I revealed myself naked.  The climax of the last song on my first album captured this problem, raw and unadorned.

There’s no better time than now
Gotta show him who I am somehow
Cry until I’m dry
And I’ll admit it when I want to die
He may never love me
He may act like he’s above me
But I’d rather be rejected
Than be worshipped for a lie…

Now that I’ve married my soulmate, I communicate directly. I know he loves me and needs me, but I still worry that he’s not attracted to me and feel the urge to withdraw, to ‘make him want me’ and ‘make him burn for me.’  This is not his fault – there’s nothing he has done to make me feel unwanted. It’s a delusion based on my own fears. I told him about this fear when we first met, thanks to enneagram study – I was able to OWN it – even in the face of shame. It was only through loosening the clutches of my enneagram fixation that I was able to reveal my most essential truth: the power of my desire, the fury of my obsession, the depth of my love.