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Attachment Themes In Non-Attachment Types

By June 17, 2019Sarah

Thread: would be curious to hear whether others relate.

Gut types, how does “Powerless” and other central 9 issues, resonate with you?

Head types, how does “Unsafe,” and other central 6 issues, resonate with you?

Heart types, how does “Worthless,” and other central 3 themes, resonate with you?

Edit: There is a current debate regarding whether “Unseen” is central to 9, or is an image issue. 9s and others, how does “Unseen” resonate with you?

Response: Not too long ago, I finished watching the HBO miniseries Chernobyl. The biggest threat wasn’t the nuclear radiation but the lies and the cover up for lies perpetuated by the USSR that ultimately led to the disaster and the attempted cover up of it. Whether it be a nation or an individual, lies are perpetuated to maintain one’s pride and power. As you know, pride(2) is the other face of deceit(3), and to maintain one’s pride, one must sometimes construct a personal mythology (4) in order to maintain the coveted, niche position. A sense of worthlessness is the crack in my own personal mythology that feeds my pride. In essence, I’m not as great, special, or indispensable as I thought I was therefore I’m worthless.Twos in general have an inflated sense of self, and I’m no exception. However, that self-inflation is built upon a foundation of defense mechanisms, fragile pride, and an intense personal narrative that I feed through imagination and action.

I’d rather be unseen than misconstrued, unheard, or worst of all, unveiled. To maintain a certain mystique and control over my image is to confer a sense of power and glamour to other people not unlike Soviet propaganda. The power comes in people buying into your propaganda. Once lies and half-truths take a life of their own, they become propaganda, and once propaganda gets reproduced and perpetuated enough times, it eventually becomes the Grand Narrative. Deceit requires more deceit in order to perpetuate itself, however it only takes one, core truth to destroy the whole edifice. The Chernobyl disaster exposed the incompetence, weakness, and lies of the Soviet Union and it was one of the events the catalyzed the dissolution of the USSR.

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