Tritype 258

 Charlie Pride I conjectured that the writer of the song “The Power of Love” might be 258

He started as a baseball player but considering the times 8 with 5w6(6w7) and 2, that doesn’t seem like an out there choice for him to make. He does seem to be quite withholding for an 8–if he’s an 8, he seems but maybe wishful thinking?, also surprisingly precise in his verbal articulations for what seems like an 8 lead baseball player/country singer.

“And so I’ve got a broken heart so what?” “But just between you and me…you’re too much to forget”..

 Shri Narendra Modi Modi may be sp/so 8 with 2w1 and 5w6. He is thought to be either completely ruthless or completely caring–no in betweens. I’ve read many discussions on threads about him because of the history of relationships of Tulsi Gabbard, presidential candidate, with some Hindu nationalists. He is either totally revered or totally reviled.

Papaji may be 852. He is Eli’s guru, and definitely an 8. I’m positive of that and was confirmed by Eli’s group.

This one seems extremely 852. Themes of power, withholding, generosity, omniscience, children… innocence (holy idea 8).  May be sp/sx.

Adi Da Samraj He seems to be an 8 (maybe sx/sp) and he seems to have 5w6 not 5w4 pretty clearly (“the mechanism that would be love is not available to you”)…but he IS probably 258 tritype with 2w1.

“The failure to love is the same as the fear of death. It’s why you have so much difficulty maintaining this life of love, you see. Because you’re afraid of death. That’s the only reason. That’s why you can’t get it on. Because the mechanism that would be love is not available to you consistently. It’s locked in fear. The attempt to survive, to define yourself, through anxiety. If you will give yourself up…”

“Adi Da initially became known in the spiritual counterculture of the 1970s for his books and public talks, and for the activities of his religious community. His philosophy was essentially similar to many eastern religions which see spiritual enlightenment as the ultimate priority of human life. Distinguishing his from other religious traditions, Adi Da declared that he was a uniquely historic avatar (incarnation of a god or divinity in human form). As such, Adi Da stated that henceforth devotional worship of him would be the sole means of spiritual enlightenment for anyone else.”–wiki