Tritype 259

“I’ll Be Right Here” The Interpersonal Extra-Terrestrial 

259 darkside: From the Evil Underworld Planet but just human enough to save the town. 

Bjork sx/sp 9w1(1w2)-2w3(3w4)-5w4(4w3) 

Russ Hudson soc/sx 5w6-9w8-2w3

Dolores O’Riordan sp/sx–>sx/so 9w1-5w4-2w1 (shown in OP drowning in her bathtub… 🙁 259 also “Life in a Fishbowl”)

 Mark ZuckerbergTRITYPE 259 LIFE IN A FISHBOWL We are all zuckie’s fishies. He seems to have 9w1(1w2), 5w6(6w7), and 2w1(3w2), stacking so/sp or sp/so–>so/sx, not sure of order glug glug glug.

 I ‘had him’ as 2w1 lead for a while; still hard to see the 2 last. 

John Lennon sx/so 5w6-2w1-9w1 Tritype 259 WATCHING THE WE’LLs GO ROUND; also IMAGINE ALL THE PEOPLE

Caroline Cotto sp/sx–>sx/so 5w6(4w5)-9w1(8w9)-2w3(3w4) 

Cannonball Statman fireside sx/so 9w1(1w2)-5w4(6w5)-2w1(3w2) 

Melanie Safka sx/so 9w1(8w9)-5w4(4w3)-2w3(3w4) 

 “Melanie is a feminine given name derived from the Greek μελανία (melania), “blackness” and that from μέλας (melas), meaning “dark”. Borne in its Latin form by two saints: Melania the Elder and her granddaughter Melania the Younger, the name was introduced to England by the Normans in its French form Melanie.” (from google, taken from opening lines of wikipedia). As to the surname, while most seem to come from the former Autria-Hungary and the Czar’s lands, and Melanie’s father was Ukranian, the etymology of the name is unknown. There is also a high incidence of the name in India. So Melanie Safka’s name means: Blackness, Darkness, Origin: The Unknown.

David Chelsea, cartoonist sp/sx–>sx/so 5w6(6w7)-9w1(8w9)-2w3(3w4) or something very close to that. David uses pictures of other people with round glasses for his profile pic and changes all the time; most of his facebook page is public though.

John S. Hall (King Missle band number one on college radio for many years) so/sx 5w6(6w7)-9w1(1w2)-2w1(3w2)

Susanne Bogen, youtube typology vlogger sp/so 9w1(1w2)-5w6(6w7)-2w1(3w2) or something close to that

Susanne Sundfor singer/songwriter sx/sp 9w8(1w9)-2w1(3w2)-5w4(6w5)

ET phone home

Alexander McQueen, fashion designer sp/so 9w8(1w9)-5w4(4w3)-2w1(3w2) (Boy and a Bubble) 

Mussel Bodice’

Suzanne Vega sx/sp 9w1(1w2)-2w1(1w9)-5w6(6w7) 

Gloria Vanderbilt sp/so 2w1(3w2)-5w4(4w3)-9w1(1w2) 


 S.N. Goenka sp/so 9w8(8w7)-5w6(6w7)-2w1(3w2)

The Man who Taught the World to Meditate

Elon Musk sp/so 5w6(6w7)-9w1(1w2)-2w1(3w2)

Mike Scott (The Waterboys) so/sx 5w4(6w5)-9w1(8w9)-2w1(3w2)

Irish Adventures of a Waterboy

Kes sp/so 2w3(3w4)-9w1(1w2)-5w4(4w3)

Aurora 2w1 5w4 9w1 Sp/So  Singer-songwriter

Two – Queen themes, pride of place

Diana, Princess of Wales, current typing sp/so<–sx/sp 2w3(1w2)-9w1(1w2)-5w4(6w5)