Tritype 269

Help! (You Need Somebody)

David Huberman (“I’m A Ranter and a Raver”) Spoken Word Artist, sp/sx 9w8(8w7)-2w3(1w2)-6w7(5w6)

Lana del Rey sp/sx 2w3(3w4)-9w1(8w9)-6w5(5w4) 

Bernie Sanders sp/so 9w8(1w9)-6w7(5w6)-2w1(3w2) 

Janis Joplin so/sx 6w7(5w6)-9w8(8w7)-2w3(3w4)- She didn’t write a lot of her songs though the ones she chose were HER. This one is hers.

So is this.

Neil Diamond sp/sx 6w5(7w6)-2w3(3w4)-?9w1(1w2)?

 Marilyn Monroe sx/so 6w7(7w8)-9w1(1w2)-2w3(3w4)

“”My work is the only ground I’ve ever had to stand on. To put it bluntly, I seem to have a whole superstructure with no foundation. But I’m working on the foundation”. –Norma Jeane, 1962″

Soon after she married Arthur Miller (from The New Republic review of the authoritative biography of Miller):

“Then it was off to England, where Monroe was to star with Laurence Olivier in a light comedy called The Prince and the Showgirl. Here the private misery began, as Miller began to fathom Monroe’s bottomless insecurity and paranoia. Certain that the great Olivier held her in contempt, Monroe responded by sabotaging the picture–taking sleeping pills, showing up late, refusing to learn her lines. One scene required thirty takes, “which Olivier called ‘an historic amount.’ ” When Miller tried to point out, reasonably, that Olivier was not really out to get her, Monroe reacted as though her husband had joined the conspiracy against her. The only person she trusted, Miller discovered, was Paula Strasberg, her acting guru, who fed her delusions endlessly. On one occasion, Miller remembered, Strasberg told Marilyn: ‘You are the greatest woman of your time, the greatest human being of your time; of any time, you name it; you can’t think of anybody, I mean–no, not even Jesus–except you’re more popular.'”

So the Daddy Emeritus of the American theater wasn’t enough support for her. But Paula Strasberg she believed in. Well, every Six has to believe something…


Jodie Foster sp/so 2w1(3w2)-6w5(7w6)-9w1(1w2)

Anna Nicole Smith sp/so 9w8(8w7)-2w3(?)-6w7(7w8)









Kanye West so/sx 6w5(7w6)-9w8(8w7)-2w3(3w4)

Ofra Haza sp/so 9w1(1w2)-2w1(3w2)-6w7(7w8)

Not to make a political statement but this just captures so perfectly the Statue of Liberty aspect of social 2w1.

Stevie Wonder 9w8-6w5-2w3 stacking ? sx middle likely; possible 6 lead

Ann Margret sx/sp 9w8(1w9)-2w3(3w4)-6w7(7) 

Anna Nalick sx/sp 9w8(1w9)-6w7(5w6)-2w3(1w2) or something close to that. This is the original official video. It was replaced by one showing Anna as she developed and it became unavailable. Now this one was posted but they bleeped out “flask” and “sober”. Dumb, but this is the only original one available.

“I’m driving back home to the comfort of my bed and if this is giving up I’m giving up on love” sx/sp Hungy Ghost meets 9w8 Comfort Seeker and tritype 269 Help! (You Need Somebody”).

Regina Spektor sx/so 9w1(1w2)-6w7(5w6)-2w3(3w4)

Angela Nagle so/sp 9w1(1w2)-6w7(5w6)-2w1(3w2) Irish socialist, journalist and author of “Kill All Normies: Online Culture Wars From 4Chan and Tumblr to Trump and The Alt-Right”. Not a bleeding heart fauxgressive; she spent eight years ‘under cover’ in ‘the Manosphere” on places like 4Chan way before Pepe. Angela starts at 4’48”.

Here Angela had a friendly debate with notorious anti-SJW Brexiteer Carl Benjamin (Sargon of Akkad). They share non-identitarian and free speech first principle p.o.v. It’s best when they engage each other. 

Amy Lee – singer of Evanescence. 6w7 2w3 9w1 So/Sp