Tritype 279 – Positive Reframing

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

John Denver sp/so 2w1(3w2)-7w6(6w5)-9w1(1w2) “When I think of myself and my own life, and it’s like falling in love right now is perhaps the thing I’d most like to do and the thing that I think is least likely to happen. And so within all of that, I wrote the song…”

Marianne Faithfull sp/sx 7w6(8w7)-2w1(3w2)-9w1(1w2)

Negative Capability

Adele Adkins sx/so 9w8-7w6-2w3 (with telling ‘patter’) Full disclosure: people argue with me that she’s dark social so/sx

Jon Anderson so/sx 7w6(6w5)-9w1(1w2)-2w3(3w4) (EDIT: He may be 3w4 fixed; he may be a different stacking)

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez sp/sx–>sx/so 2w3(1w2)-7w6(6w5)-9w1(8w7) I’m quite sure she planted the dance video.

Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez on Twitter

Julian Assange so/sx 7w6(6w5)-2w1(1w9)-9w1(1w2) 


Dolly Parton sp/so–>so/sx 2w3(3w4)-7w6(8w7)-9w1(8w9) 

Young Dolly Parton

Kyle Kulinski so/sx 7w6(6w5)-2w3(1w2)-9w1(1w2)

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi sp/so 7w8(6w7)-9w1(1w2)-2w1(3w2) She is a strange one. A banker’s wife and volunteer fundraiser for the Democrats, she really became the life of the Party when drafted to run for office. Being among her core base brings out the Joan Rivers in Nancy.

Enya (Ethne Padraigin Ni Bhraonain) soc/sp–>sp/sx 2w1(3w2)-9w1(1w2)-7w6(6w5) soc/sp Social Guardian (The Word is Law) and Recycler of the Runes (sp/sx Friend of Death). 2w1 Ceres the Harvest Goddess and Her Sickle (Lady of the Golden Blade), Tritype 279 Over the Rainbow.  Typing is tentative, may need some tweaks.

 She swells up with pride with big foot forward in sp/sx whenever her castle is mentioned.