Tritype 358

Deal with the Devil, Faust/Mephisto

J Paul Getty  sp/sx 8w9(7w8)-5w4(6w5)-3w4(4w5)

Not the greatest ‘doc’ but there isn’t much available on youtube. For instance, the implication he wanted the ear cut off I highly doubt. But it gives a feeling of the man. 

Gavin McInnes  so/sp–>sp/sx 5w6(6w7)-3w2(4w3)-8w7(7w6) comedian and cultural provocateur, co-founder of Vice Media and founder of the Proud Boys

George Soros – Probably 5 lead, 358 in some order.

Frank Underwood (House of Cards) sp/sx (probably midstream–the Eightish sp/sx) 3w2(4w3)-5w6(6w7)-8w7(7w6). He probably begins at low average Self-Promoting Narcissist doing ‘chin ups’ at the L6/7 shock point through his work, but as attachment core 3 with strong 6 component, he suffers a negative shock due to a betrayal by friends in his career and once in the unhealthy tier at Level 7 quickly degenerates to the lowest sociopathic levels of E3 and 8 and 5–>8. at Level 9. 358 “The Power-Seeking Three”.