Tritype 369

Eye of the Hurricane (Gotta Keep Spinning)

Tim Pool so/sx 6w7(5w6)-3w2(2w1)-9w1(1w2) Groundbreaking videographer of Occupy Wall Street, co-founder of Vice News, and youtube vlogger, runs two youtube news channels making five videos a day, one youtube channel to investigate unsolved mysteries, and one youtube news channel to grow a broad network of citizen journalists; he has now started to organize ‘meat space conferences for his followers to meet and brainstorm. He is a liberal detested by many liberals and beloved of many right wingers because of the clear-eyed–if tornadoey–transparency of his commentary.

Stefani Germinotta (Lady Gaga) dark social so/sx 6w7-9w1-3w4. Note the heroic destiny of being born boundless, the ensuing binarism, and the populating of the universe with infinite born-this-way gagas through selfular mitosis. 

Madonna Ciccone sx/so 3w2-6w7-9w1 


Barak Obama so/sp 9w8(1w9)-6w5(7w6)-3w4(2w3) 

Arranging this particular photo shoot as his comeback after I assume his minor nervous breakdown when Trump won is as good an example of Nine blocking of awareness of what’s essential as any there ever was, if he was serious about wanting to unite the country. 




Siouxsie Sioux sx/so 9w1(1w2)-6w5(7w6?)-3w4(2w3) 

Bruce Springsteen so/sx 6w5(7w6)-9w8(8w7)-3w2(4w3) 

Mick Jagger sx/so 3w2(4w3)-6w5(7w6)-9w8(8w7) 

Teal Swan sp/sx 3w4-9w8-6w5 Eye, storm, spin. 

*Angela Hayes* (American Beauty, 1999) so/sp–>sp/sx 3w2(4w3)-9w8(8w7)-6w7(5w6) Angela, the most popular girl in high school in the suburbs, exploits the “normalized deviancy” trends of the times by promoting herself as wildly sexually experienced. She is willing to destroy her best friend’s parents’ marriage to further this myth but in the end turns out to be a virgin, frightened and empty, in need of guidance.

 *Lester* (American Beauty, 1999) sp/so–>so/sx 9w1(1w2)-6w7(5w6)-3w2(4w3), will be the Ultimate Eye of the Hurricane at the end of the film–replacing and transcending the cinematic eye of Ricky (sp/sx 5w4[6w5])–when he returns to True Origin.

Pierre XO aka ” Interdimensional Fuckboy” So/Sx 6w7-3w4-9w1

Chris Corner Sx/Sp 6w7-3w4-9w1 

Prince Rogers Nelson sx/sp 6w5(7w6)-3w2(4w3)-9w1(1w2)

Jack White sx/sp 9w8(1w9)-6w7(5w6)-3w4(2w3)

Johnny Depp Sp/Sx 6w5-3w4-9w1

Jared Leto sp/sx Ascetic 3w4(2w3)-6w5(7w6)-9w8(1w9) Young interview

Written, directed, sang and produced by Jared himself (under a pseudonym):

Kim Iversen, progressive youtube political commentator, former commercial radio announcer. sp/so 3w2(4w3)-9w1(1w2)-6w7(7w6) She developed a late interest in devoting herself to politics and prepared systematically before launching her youtube channel. This was one of her earliest videos and involved considerable risk at the time; she is a 3 showing major integration to 6. (3 at 6 with 6).




Joe Rogan, talk show host and comedian sp/so weak side (strong social) 6w7(5w6)-9w8(8w7)-3w2(4w3)

Daniel Day Lewis 6w5 3w4 9w1 

Ben Burnley: SP/SX 9w8 6w5 3w2