Tritype 379

Wizard of Odds

(Smooth Operator, The Pied Piper)

Robert Plant sp/sx 3w2(4w3)-9w8(1w9)-7w6(6w5)

Matthew Courtney (sx/so 7w6-3w2-9w8)

Brad Stand (I <3 Huckabees) so/sx 3w2-7w6-9w1

Annie Lennox sp/sx 3w4-7w8-9w1 (may be 1 fixed)

the Pinball Master (not Elton, not Tommy) 

Paul McCartney so/sx 3w2(4w3)-7w6-9w8, possibly aoft sx/so, work on the wings…”Wizard of Odds” anthem.

Speaking of which… 

Jay Gatsby: 3w4-9w1-7w6 Sp/Sx

Dave Rubin, talk show host sp/so 3w2(2w1)-9w1(1w2)-7w6(6w5)

back in the day at TYT 

TYT’s side of the story. He may not be funded by the Koch brothers, but he’s a smooth operator and a wizard of odds. 3 level 5 “Image Conscious Person” countervanity sp ” Do Unto Others” with the embedded self-deceit ad opportunistic idealism this entails. (Anna has her own issues… )

John Barnes, 9w8(1w9)-3w4(2w3)-7w6(6w5) So/Sp ??