Trtiype 468

Boxing With God, The Ring of Fire, Big Boss a Nova

(Not to be confused with 469, Metaphysical Boxing yang style: Iggy Pop [see recent thread], Alanis Morisette, Bob Dylan, etc..)

Nina Simone sp/sx 8w9(7w8)-4w5(3w4)-6w5(5w4)

Johnny Cash sx/sp 8w7-4w3-6w5

Vangelis sp/sx 8w9(9w1)-4w3(3w2)-6w5(5w4) 

Milo Yiannopoulis so/sx 4w3(3w2)-6w7(5w6)-8w7(7w6)

Camille Paglia so/sp 6w5(7w6)-4w3(3w2)-8w7(7w6)

Che Guevara sx/so 6w5(7w6)-8w7(9w8)-4w3(3w2) 

Steve Bannon, civic nationalist, filmmaker, former chief strategist to Donald Trump, former head of Breitbart

Begins at 20 seconds

“He was very happy to discuss the philosophy of Giordano Bruno, Chinese philosphy, Plato. He had his own room but there were so many books on the bed he couldn’t sleep in it”.–Bannon’s War, Frontline:

Has playlist for Bannon’s films below.

Eminem 6w5-4w5-8w7