Tritype 479


Sarah McLachlan sp/so->so/sx 4w3(3w2)-7w6(6w5)-9w1(1w2) Sarah McLachhlan made this video of a song from the Broadway play and movie “Godspell” with her 6 husband and collaborator who was ‘choosing so carefully”.

We’re building a mystery.  Carry on.

Lilith Fair

Florence Welch (and the Machine) sx/soc–>soc/sp 7w6-4w5-9w1 between 5 and 1 The gluttony between two sobrieties, the ecstasy between two abstentions. Exteriorized head “Gnosis’ through withdrawn “Dark Night of the Soul.”

 “Whoever finds his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life for my sake will find it.” Matthew: 10:39 

Robyn Hitchcock sx/sp 7w6(6w5)-4w3(5w4)-9w1(1w2) 

A mature version of an earlier upbeat song. He changed ‘interesting dwarf’ to ‘interesting door’. 

Oracle Bone

Nick Drake is usually typed something like sp/sx 4w5 triple withdrawn but he seems clearly a withdrawn sp 9w1 to me. Moreover this withdrawn sp 9w1’s work is in the 479 triad because too positive attitude for either 459 Sanctum Sanctorum or 469 Metaphysical Boxing, both darker spaces especially with social last. That he died of an overdose of antidepressants, intenional or not, following a major failure in his emerging career, doesn’t affect the typing. 

479 Dream Weaver. Delicate as lace. Themes seem in the 9w1 space leading, far more holistic and transpersonal than personal, Nick Drake was too socially awkward and sensitive to face the ruthless music world so hew withdrew to his parents’ home, where he died. sp/sx 9w1 disintegrating to 6, with 4w5(5w6) and 7w6(6w5) likely, walled in and withdrawn, but still reaching toward cosmic union, knowing that the planet revolving outside our grasp is one with the planet within. 

First time I’m seeing this doc! There are actually recordings of Nick speaking here! 

His relative recounts at the very beginning that she thinks he didn’t want want to be a star but felt he had something to say to his generation that could make them happier. That is why he felt he failed.7w6 head deep in 6 with positive attitude 9 stressed to 6 leading. Extreme withdrawn heart in the Black Hole not leading.

 Tori Amos soc/sx 7w6-9w1-4w3Gluttonous Tori was prone to humping the piano bench with palpable relish at the most tragic moments of her songs.

It was a very big bench. 

Older Tori become much more Oneish. 

Tennessee Williams sp/sx 4w3(3w2)-9w8(8w7)-7w6(6w5). One of the greatest American playwrights, from the “Southern Gothic”. The situations are seamy, often lurid–rape in the family, statutory, alcoholism and cold turkey withdrawal, insanity, the then taboo homosexuality, prostituion, cannibalism…but still a Dream Weaver through the brutal nightmarish realism. The streetcar is still named desire, the journey is still lyrical and magical. And also still a Four, an interjector, deep inside of other humans. Core Fours attain the transpersonal THROUGH the personal–the deeply subjective and the deeply personal- not the other way around. 

Nikki Sudden so/sx 4w3(5w4)-9w8(1w9)-7w6(6w5) likely


Richard Ayoade, writer, director, actor sp/so–>so/sx 4w5(5w6)-9w1(1w2)-7w6(6w5) The schtick: 

The person 

Isabella Blow, fashion stylist, editor, icon and influencer sx/sp 9w1(1w2)-7w6(6w5)-4w5(3w4) likely. 
“What does fashion mean to you?” “My life.”


 “I’m a walking billboard. That’s my pleasure.”



Why not 6w7 fix? Too light a touch in this configuration. 7 more obvious in photos when young, still obvious in speech when older. Why 9 lead? This is a woman who lived for and through merging with other people and with her clothing; she made herself into a canvas for things to happen on. Four is subtle and expresses itself. Fashion for her was ‘life’. sx 9, completely merged. She seems Naranjo’s sx 9 Nobody but the part he didn’t tell was how 9 at 3 can present as a huge somebody. 479 Dream Weaver; no push/pull, just weaving, networking (9–>3), being seen and ‘being scene’. BUT massive social 4w5 Leonard Cohen style shame underneath it all. How can she be image last? How not? In her own words, she’s a billboard. She’s ‘doing something’ she ‘thinks about’ a lot WITH images.

I originally thought she was 4w5 several years ago but she isn’t, and it’s not just because she’s gutty. It’s for many reasons. She is a classic 9 AT 3, she is ‘billboarding’, and she even says so.  

 9 at 3 ‘acting out’ with massive sx 9 merge and sx/sp presentation and sp 7 gluttony and networking, ‘business is pleasure and pleasure is business’. By all accounts an amazingly good friend. Just always there for you. Pure ‘support’. Integrating 9 ‘presence’ ‘Being there. Unfortunately her career took a down turn and she got cancer and she wound up committing suicide.

Also Isabella wasn’t known as a designer; she was known for finding, contracting, buying, and SUPPORTING designers from her family inheritance. She herself was a stylist. Someone who made OTHER people’s designs visible by using them in shows and photo shoots.

She may have felt betrayed by Alexander McQueen, whom she ‘made’ by buying out his entire first show, and was very close to, and who later moved on professionally without her. He denied vehemently that this had played a part in her suicide, that the press got any of that right or understood anything about what there was between them. But after his mother died, he committed suicide too.