Erica Xenne – “Animal”


4w3(3w2) – 8w7(7w6) – 5w6(6w7) Sp/Sx

“So carnal it’s spiritual.”

Erica was a feral siren on her home planet Erosia until her muse was cast out and she followed him into exile. Upon arriving in Dystopia, Erica found her voice reduced to a whisper, bereft of its magic lure.  She understood she was more than a singer: her passion was to embody passion itself and her purpose was to hone crafts and become a vessel through which it emerges.  Her calling was to bring Erosia to Earth – to mirror the forces that drive her on a level so primal that others may see their own reflection.

The Legend of Erosia surged through her, but she lacked writing skills.  She joined a typology forum to explore the inner workings of others and to master the written word.  To her delight, Enneagram was a language that unveiled the rhythm of the cosmos, capturing Erosia and Earth alike.  Thus, she found her Enneatribe and embarked on the journey to express its resonance.


Kilian De Ridder

6w5 – 3w4 – 9w1 Sp/Sx

“Small but fierce,” is one of the meanings behind the name; Kilian. Very fitting for someone whose ego formed around Enneagram type 6.  Kilian, originally from Belgium, Europe, moved to the United States to marry the love of his life: Erica Xenne.

The Enneagram of Personality is the primary language to peer into Depth Psychology.  It’s a way of perception that elucidates Natural Law as it manifests in humanity; an access to primordial forces that gave birth to this world.  With a natural eye for motives and patterns in the world, unraveling this mysterious language has been the greatest Passion for Kilian.