Erica Xenne – “Animal”


4w3(3w2) – 8w7(7w6) – 5w6(6w7) Sp/Sx

“So carnal it’s spiritual.”

Erica was a feral siren on her home planet Erosia until her muse was cast out and she followed him into exile. Upon arriving in Dystopia, Erica found her voice reduced to a whisper, bereft of its magic lure.  She understood she was more than a singer: her passion was to embody passion itself and her purpose was to hone crafts and become a vessel through which it emerges.  Her calling was to bring Erosia to Earth.

The Legend of Erosia surged through her, but she lacked writing skills.  She joined a typology forum to explore the inner workings of others and to master the written word.  To her delight, Enneagram was a language that unveiled the rhythm of the cosmos, capturing Erosia and Earth alike.  Thus, she found her Enneatribe and embarked on the journey to express its resonance.