The Tritype Threads
by Robin Goldsmith (Roshan)

Obviously the complete typings on the tritype and other threads are always open to revision and suggestion. But I have never put anyone on the tritype threads unless I felt pretty positive at least of their core fixes and which one leads. Also the work didn’t happen on an island or in a tower. Actually Sylvia and I laid down the foundation and I don’t know that there ever would have been any without her except that ever is a very long time. Until recently I didn’t consider subwings (wing spans) because they were clearly being used to tweak and justify bad typings. But when I was confident we understood the basic types enough, I allowed them to begin to assert themselves. Using them mainly has helped clarify (Is someone’s gut say a very Eightish 9 or an 8w9?) but the more that is revealed new questions arise. Particularly when two people come out almost identical down to the subwings and they’re just too different, it just can’t be, a lot of questions arise. My point is the typings should be taken seriously because a lot of work went into them, by no means just my own. Still they should never be taken as dogma, especially now that there are so many components, and input and questions are always welcome.

I can always use input on these threads. Wow what a perfect typing, that typing sucks/needs tweaking, why that typing, that typing makes me reflect upon the fate of the universe/myself/that movie and here’s a new typing are all good input. But carefully considered improvements on the proposed types and donations for the starving, underdeveloped thread countries are most needed. It will probably be better to make a separate typing thread first if you don’t feel sure of the typing of a new exemplar. And again, I just can’t stress enough how if you accept these threads as Scripture you will be misguided.